Wednesday, October 15, 2014

more things

Figure drawing is foundation bread and butter.  No matter how skilled you are, this be hallowed ground -- tread and retread often. The way is well-worn by the footfalls of its many faithful.  

You go through reams of paper learning this stuff which, I think, is by design -- can't be too precious with each iteration: the objective is the skill, not the Mona Lisa.  At least, that was my takeaway.  

But, every now and then, a sketch or two rises from the reams that pleases even me.  Here were a few surprises from Art Center (maybe even pre-Art Center, I can't remember).  I like these.  I don't know why.  

I remember the objective of this one was to capture fear.
I remember this, specifically, because that was the class that I learned of Repin.

That's Ilya Repin.
Google him along with Ivan the Terrible and His Son,
but only after you've prepared your heart.

media: charcoal, ink, watercolor.