Friday, April 20, 2012

intermission i

I was sorting through some old files and completely forgot about this.

Been a busy bee, though my hive is woefully neglected. So in this dearth of updates, I'll throw in this one I did a while back when I had the pleasure of taking Chris Runco's class at Motivarti.  It was for our ren-punk (that's renaissance version of steampunk) time traveling theme park final project, and this was a little photo-op I made of our characters discovering soda pop (which doubled as an ad moment for outside vendors).  The closest equivalent they know is sparkling mead, so they think they're drunk.

They're made of that weird plastic that everything in Disneyland is made of and they blow bubbles at you. 

I dunno.  I thought it was funny. 

medium: photoshop