Monday, March 18, 2013

holiday vi: yesterday

St. Patrick's Day is actually the day that my first dog died.

gouache + pencil
I swore she would be my one and only dog forever...

gouache + pencil
...things obviously did not go as planned.

experiment iiic: paper sculpting

Alas, I was not always a jealous paper copycat...

papers + vellums

I actually experimented a long time ago with paper art but completely forgot about it.  I did these pieces in high school--Helen, as a teenager, sitting on the floor watching tv and using the back of a watercolor pad to cut on because she didn't know what a cutting mat was yet.  I actually find life takes you in full circles like this very often....

And so, that which had fangirled Spirited Away, has grown up and...continued to fangirl.  Anyways, here is a cloud series inspired by a Diana Wynne Jones's book, Castle in the Air.

That which once paper-arted before, shall paper-art again!

So it has been decreed.

The conclusion of my experiment: I adore paper as a medium.  Expect to see more in the future.


experiment iiib: paper sculpting

It was illustrious colleague who re-introduced me to paper as a medium.  Through her I found other amazing paper artists (wait, one more; just because he's amazing) and was overcome with a severe case of paper I've been spending the past few months exploring the medium and all its possibilities.

The multi-dimensionality of paper creates some very curious and beautiful effects...

This one is only kind of funny if you've seen the drama.
I kind of like the background as it was....

experiment iiia: paper sculpting

Sorry, ladies, I'm not much of a Lee Min Ho fan.  Lol.

paper + photoshop
paper + no photoshop

Yes...Helen watches Korean dramas.

And I did enjoy this drama--or at least the first ten was pretty awful after that.  But the characters were so interesting and the acting so compelling, I felt that little twinkling of inspiration somewhere, deep within...

Mortal Kombat!!
These were the good guys--but they were also secondary characters.  So, in the fashion of tragic Korean drama saguek fusion, they're all dead.

Oh. Oops. Spoiler Alert.
These were the bad guys.  I still don't have a solution for the background, but I'm so pleased with how the figures turned out that I still felt compelled to share.

Ki Chul may be one of my favorite villains ever.  He's just so weird.

Sorry, I'm not a Lee Joon Ki fan either!  But this was one of my favorite dramas last year (of which there are three...which unfortunately does not include Faith...sorry, Lee Min Ho).

The story goes like this: Arang is a ghost who is tasked with solving her own murder.