Tuesday, November 4, 2014

distractions i

I fanarted. Not sorry.

In writing (the commercial stuff at least), they say if you can't summarize your epic story in one or two sentences then even you probably don't know what your own story is about.

Given my geographical bearings, even a stodgy old lady such as myself gets to do something ridiculously cool every now and then.  Via a ridiculously cool friend, I got to attend an early screening of Big Hero 6 and it inspired this bit of ink and watercolor as a thank-you gift for letting me tag along.

To me, this is the story in a nutshell. Spoiler-free: it's Baymax softening the hard edges of Hiro.

As a social-media-stunted shame to my generation, I don't use my tumblr as a tumblr so you can go to Ridiculously Cool Friend's tumblr to get in on this tumblring action (am I even using real words anymore?) and see more great fanart from the event in question under a very official #BigHero6MeetUp tag.

(I'm the chemist!)