Tuesday, February 16, 2016

the wrath and the dawn

I am just returned from this wonderful thing, where it was cold and glorious and cold and uplifting and awe-inspiring and cold and fantastic and freezing and fun and COLD. 

The mind-numbing temperatures, the great company of old friends, and the serendipitous meeting of amazing new friends prompted this post. The image above is some artwork to promote RenĂ©e Ahdieh's YA debut, The Wrath and the Dawn

See it in action here as her Twitter banner! 

You can also go to our respective tumblrs to see more artwork in the same vein (with more to come).

Also be on the lookout for the sequel and conclusion to Wrath coming out 3 May 2016 under the intriguing moniker, The Rose and the Dagger

Believe it or not, the above image actually started out as this sketch:

"For that, I won't even try to play fair"
(The Wrath and the Dawn)

There's a lesson here about what can happen when you open yourself up to change and new ideas and new possibilities, but I'm too bushwhacked from the weekend to figure that out right now. I leave you with this open ending.

medium: watercolor and gouache, some marker on that sketch (though the text and watermarks are pretty digital)