Wednesday, February 10, 2016

self portrait

So the past few posts were basically me throwing a whole lot of stuff at the internet. I find I'm at peace with that.

This last post (which is 5 out of what turned out to be 5 posts) was a self-portrait assigned by Ms. Frazee. This piece was a turning point for me: it was one of those delicate wooden puzzle boxes that you fiddle and fiddle and fiddle with til something clicks! and it opens! followed by a long while of "wait, what, how did that go again, what was the sequence....argh, why did I close it!" and you fiddle to get it open again.

It gets easier by-and-by, but that first time is pivotal because now you know it can open and you can open it. You're not just a clumsy oaf who can't open puzzle boxes.

medium: WATERCOLOR. I'm pretty damn sure this time.