Sunday, February 12, 2012

disaster on demand?

My holidays were belated because I was at Thinkwell for three weeks or so making trouble with some old classmates.

So Willi, PatrickLinda, and I are leisurely lunching (sharing old war stories, gabbing about the perils of business, and bleeding our sad little artists' hearts) and, with our patented plein air skills, taking in our surroundings (shadows and textures, interesting signage....). 

One does wonder how lucrative the earthquake business is...

I guess it'd be a bit like that Uma Thurman movie: the one where the villain's company sold weather (messing with agriculture and travel; selling ecological terrorism to the highest bidder and such). 

My color is still suffering.  I think I need to pull a Mary Blair and have a transcendent color epiphany in some exotic country....pity I hate to travel.  Must learn to make do sans transcendence, I suppose.

medium: watercolor & ink, photoshop