Saturday, December 24, 2011

pets i: unusual sightings

Some time in the summer, I was driving over to a friend's house when, while stopped at a red light, I saw a man walking his pony like it wasn't anybody's business.

It was even a curious-looking pony (mayhaps groomed for shows or events) and it seemed particularly interested in a nearby nursery.
It was one of those inside-out moments when I wished my imagination was as rich as reality....

A couple of months later, whilst driving once more, I saw a man walking a very large turtle, on this occasion, without a leash. I suppose one wasn't necessary as turtles aren't likely to spring away, but the man nonetheless took care to walk between it and the street.

It made me wonder about what other interesting pets a person might have and the ordeals and trials that might come with their care...
medium: gouache & watercolor on watercolor paper